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You Know What Just Happened?

April 3, 2011

Did it sink in yet? Can you believe it? Did you pinch yourself? We, India, are the World Champions.

We were billed the pre-tournament favourites. There was talk about the team wanting to win the World Cup for Sachin (God). It was a steady and impressive campaign. A few collapses happened in between. A billion cricket experts suddenly started panning the team. A few players were abused. Their mothers and sisters were also abused. But, the cricketers did what they did best. Play the game.

And boy, how did they play? Sehwag started the World Cup campaign with a boundary and Dhoni finished it emphatically with a six. India went into a frenzy after the win. People were crying (including yours truly) and grinning at the same time. For a country which considers cricket as it’s religion, winning the World Cup is like giving its followers a one-way first class ticket to Paradise.

Here are some of the takeaways from this amazing achievement.


> Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Dude, Sachin. Seriously. How? Your 6th World Cup, and you are still among the top 3 run getters of the tournament? Surely Boost is not the only secret of your energy? Oh wait, I forget that you are God. My bad.

> All the predictions and analysis by the cricket experts were proved wrong. Everybody. Literally everybody has an opinion about what is to be done. I read all sorts of posts and articles by people preparing a guidebook for India against teams. There were posts/articles which had tips on how to spin a coin at the toss, advising what to do (if and) when we win the toss, correcting the technique of our batsmen, explaining what is the correct seam position to our bowlers. And I am glad that more often than not, they have all been proven wrong by the Team India.

Just a gentle reminder. Nobody knows what is best for the cricketers than the cricketers themselves.

And to those who are still doubting India’s supremacy, India beat Australia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – 3 of the most dangerous ODI units, on its way to World Supremacy.

> A game of Cricket, as far as I know, usually takes two innings to decide a winner. But surprisingly, some people have the special ability to foresee a result either before the match, or after the first innings. People predicted that Holland would win against England after the first innings, that Canada would upset Pakistan after the first innings and incessant tweeting and cussing about having lost the WC after Sri Lanka’s first innings happened.  Moral of the story: Nobody can predict the outcome of a game. Unless you are a bookie/matchfixer, but more on that later.

(Dhoni saying ‘Thank you very much’. Also, WATCH THIS -> The Dhoni Twirl)

> Dhoni is not lucky. No. He is not lucky. You are a douche to repeat that each time India pulls of a stunner. He is the best thing to have happened to Indian Cricket in a long time. Some of his creative decisions have reaped rich dividends, and he has an assured explanation to every decision of his. Which clearly means, he is a thinking captain. But the poor chap is being overburdened with a lot of pressure of leading the World’s No.1 Test team, World’s No.1 ODI team. And not to forget the World Cup winning T20 team, World No.1  IPL team (Heh), and World No.1 T20 Champions team. And who can forget *THAT* six? Generations will talk about that. The Zen like concentration, the monk like calm while hitting the shot. Man. The guy is not lucky. He is a legend. Save him, and use him preciously, I say.

> Statistics suck. No Cricket statistic is worth giving any importance to. Except Sachin’s. He is God. Ok?  They said Pakistan beat India at all their encounters in Mohali so far. They said no century in a World Final went in vain. They said no team won a World Cup on home turf. I am Batman.

> Matchfixers exist. But only in your head(?). No. I am not being naive or gullible. I know Cricket is going through it’s darkest phases what with all the matchfixing and spotfixing allegations. But, seriously? You think a few hundred crores is all is needed for a player to deny himself and his country the ultimate glory? Heck, by winning the World Cup, he will appear on countless TV shows and pop-up during every World Cup hereafter talking about ‘India’s 2011 WC Quest’. He’ll make a lot more moolah through commercials and TV deals. There is even a chance of him getting a National Award (I don’t know if cricketers are eligible, but if Arjun Rampal, Saif Ali Khan and Roadside Romeo can get it, anybody can). Maybe he’ll get a Padma award of his choice. By claiming that the match is fixed, you are not only insulting the very cricketers whom you consider your God, but also yourself, by questioning your faith.

> Other sports in India. Tough chance for them. Though I don’t know how cricket’s popularity can increase even more than today, but by this win, we have guaranteed that at least for the next 28 years, Cricket will be the main faith of India. Maybe a new hot tennis player reaching the 4th round of a Grand Slam will balance things out. Also, Saina Nehwal, you rock. Ashwini Ponnappa, I heart you.

> Rajnikanth. “Anhoni ko honi karde, honi ko anhoni,ek jagah jab jama ho teeno…RAJNI,GAJNI AUR DHONI” read a tweet. Honestly, Rajnikanth is doing no good to stop the incessant barrage of stupid Rajni jokes by helping India win like this. He should do it nondescriptly, like he has always been doing.

> AR Rahman. Yes, I am a fanboy, and I will judge you if you are not. Sachin lifting the World Cup, and Rahman’s Vande Mataram playing in the background was sheer poetry.

> Commentary. While this is arguably among the best World Cup’s ever, the commentary was lame. Also, what is it with Ravi Shastri being there whenever India does well? He went into an ultrasonic pitch when Yuvraj hit those six 6’s in WC T20 2007. Almost killed many people by bellowing around like a madcap when India won the T20 WC. And, ‘Dhoooniiiiiii, finishes of in style’. Seriously? It just struck me, his commentary can be used for EVERY sport which is played with a ball(s). Make no mistake about it. Heh.

> Superstitions. I am sure most of us have developed new superstitions by now. Some of us wore the same clothes we wore on the days India was playing. Some people had the misfortune of being asked to sleep during the match so as to assure India’s victory. I was standing all along the Indian innings yesterday. So, yeah.

Needless to say, if there is one place I’d give an arm to be right now, it would be anywhere in India. Anywhere. I don’t mind whichever place. Just the feeling of soaking in the glory and pride of the nation along with my countrymen in my country is something to die for. A few generations later, I can silently reminisce with pride and nostalgia that I was there, with my team, while they made me and my country proud.

Jai Hind.

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  1. April 3, 2011 8:23 pm

    Well, just one word in response. ‘Respect!’ to the Indian cricket team.

    And #EPIC lines and moments:
    ‘Sachin lifting the World Cup, and Rahman’s Vande Mataram playing in the background was sheer poetry.’

    ‘No Cricket statistic is worth giving any importance too. ‘

    ‘Just a gentle reminder. Nobody knows what is best for the cricketers than the cricketers themselves.’

    Someone mentioned on my timeline, ‘The walk of bigots will remain clueless.’ and you know who all were being referred to! 🙂

    Virat’s statement on Sachin having the burden of the country on his shoulder for 21 years, and it’s now time for us to carry him, must have been ‘the’ moment for a lot of us!

  2. Srikar Damaraju permalink
    April 3, 2011 8:24 pm

    Jai Hind!

  3. April 3, 2011 8:47 pm

    Epic win. Literally. Nice post! 🙂

  4. shruthi permalink
    April 3, 2011 9:58 pm

    nice post. The feeling hasn’t sunk in yet, and I am sure of it not happening anytime soon.

    When Virat said “Sachin has carried the burden of the country for 21 years. So it was apt we carried him on our shoulders today!”, I had goosebumps . It is clearly the most defining moment of the entire world cup 😀

  5. April 3, 2011 10:26 pm


    Statistics don’t matter. Except Sachin’s… Super!

    I too stood during our batting after Sehwag and Sachin got out.

  6. Kashyap permalink
    April 4, 2011 8:39 am

    Still getting goosebumps whenever i see the flag in sachin’s hand and imagine the song.. Epic moment!

  7. Navaneeta permalink
    April 4, 2011 7:40 pm

    good work! A few subtle jokes thrown here and there as usual to set me cracking up. The one uniquething about cricket is, it is loved by not only the billion in India, but also a few millions across the globe – so that makes up more people of the wold than US, UK and a few other empty countries put together!

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