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February 26, 2011

Too much happening in the technology world these days. While I am drooling over the Android powered Notion Ink Adam tablet, Motorola is launching it’s Xoom tablet in a couple of days with a steep price tag. Wonder how they plan to beat iPad at that price point. Being a Management student I should be able to dish out a few complicated sounding marketing jargon about the Xoom’s segmentation, position etc by now. Midway through my Management course, and I cannot have a half decent conversation in the famed ‘Management jargon’. Time to panic.

The last few days there was a lot of outrage about Nokia ditching Symbian for Windows 7. Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, said it is now a war of the ecosystems. Totally agree with him. I do not understand what the outrage is all about. I think it is a very good move, both for Microsoft and Nokia. And I am super thrilled at the prospect of having the ‘Blue Screen Of Death’ (BSOD) on my mobile phone. Wow, a BSOD screensaver would be super, no?

Now this is what I predict will happen soon.

  • There will be a convergence of ecosystems. Android apps will soon be available on Windows7/WebOS/BlackberryOS and vice-versa. I am discounting iOS from this because Apple is unpredictable. Now there is already some talk about the Blackberry Playbook being able to run Android apps on it.
  • RIM/Blackberry will soon start licensing the popular Blackberry Messaging (BBM) to other platforms. That is one way RIM can stay afloat and still remain relevant in the mobile industry, what with their horrendous hardware and ridiculous software.
  • iOS will be the new Symbian. Apple imposing restrictions on developers, and now demanding 30% of the sales made through purchases made within iOS apps is stretching it a bit too far. Apple must remember that iPhone is what it is today only because of the apps which the developers make. Android will be the OS of choice in the not so far future for the developer community.

I could be totally wrong with all these points, but with the way companies are now thinking beyond the obvious, I don’t think this is not possible. And if this does happen, I know I’ll have a future as a tech-pundit.

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