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Oh look, another New Year!

January 3, 2011

O Hai.

We meet again in 2011. Keeping in accordance with the theme of the season, I shall jot down my to-do list of this year (by not calling it as ‘resolutions’, I feel less guilty about not working towards them.)

1. Get SLR: Sachin playing that stupid shot to get out during his epic 175 at Hyderabad. USA electing George Bush, not once, but twice. Me leaving behind my SLR in India. I have no clue what I was smoking when I took that decision of leaving behind my SLR in India. And no, to debunk the common theory that I left it behind to buy a new one is not true. But looks like that is what is happening. Should acquire a new SLR as soon as possible.

2. Travel: Travel with a ‘T’. Travel like crazy. Travel like Balakrishna! England shall be covered by the end of April, and the much awaited Eurotrip shall happen in June.

3. Hot Air Balloon: Since there is no possibility of me bloating like a balloon at all, the next best thing related to a balloon shall be done. Yes, a ride on a hot air balloon shall be undertaken this year.

4. Eat more food: Atleast this year.

5. Formula 1: Finally, one of last year’s (2010) ‘resolutions’ is being fulfilled this year (2011), hopefully. Silverstone F1 watching shall happen.

6. Watch an EPL match in a stadium: Not a major fan of club football, but still. I cannot tell the difference from Wayne Rooney and Roger Federer. Heh, wait. I was kidding. Saw that goal of Federer against Yorkshire last night? Pure class!

7. Continue being awesome: As Mahendra Singh Dhoni would say, Well Ofcourse. 😀

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  1. Srikar Damaraju permalink
    January 3, 2011 3:50 pm

    Drink less Coffee.?

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