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The Indian F1 GP. || Indian GP for Dummies.

September 11, 2010

With the FIA announcing that Delhi would host the 18th race of the 2011 calender, F1 enthusiasts in India erupted in joy. They can finally watch their favourite racers vroom past the grandstand. Now, with the meticulous method in which our officials went about while orgnizing the Commonwealth Games, we can be rest assured that we will have a ‘world class’, ‘state of the art’ track ready much ahead of schedule.

India, as we all know, is a land which is brimming with ideas and employs the latest technologies to ease the life of its citizens. However, Formula 1 is yet to catch up with the technological advances of India, and may find it difficult to adapt to the innovations of India.

Let us look at few areas where the Indians must take it easy, and dumb down their innovations to stoop to the levels of Formula 1.

Speed Breakers:

Speed-Breakers on the amazingly smooth Indian roads sometimes are considered as one of the most pathbreaking ideas of the 20th century. They have a  multi-purpose utility, as they act as vehicle suspension tester and projectile launcher among others. Speedbreakers are also used to reduce pollution in India, as they ensure that vehicles do not exceed the speedlimit and stay within the prescribed emission levels. The speedbreakers are considered as the most environment friendly inventions ever.

F1 cars, might however have problems while dealing with these speedbreakers. The F1 cars are not designed to handle the speedbreakers, and will cause definite damage to the cars.

The authorities must considering removing the speedbreakers from the F1 track, and hope that F1 can one day improve it’s technology.

Road Digging/Potholes:

Our brilliant communication system and the drainage system are in place thanks to the amazing road digging work taken up by the civic authorities. The never ending cycle of digging up the roads for laying optical cables, laying the road again, and digging the road again for the drainage system has contributed immensly to the Indian economy, as it has generated lot of jobs, and not to forget the boom in the cement, steel and electronic industries.

Our authorities, in their endeavor to acquint the urban India of life in the villages, occasionaly let the drainage flood the cities. Though we have a few wet-tyre specialists in F1, none of them are capable enough to handle the great Indian deluge.

F1,  does not have the technology to ply on the dug up roads. The Indian authorities must work on an alternative and must not dig roads for a while, even if that is at the cost of the Indian economy.

Cows and Buffalos on the roads:

I know it sounds ridiculous to ask the authorities to keep the cattle away from the F1 track, but we have no other alternative. Unlike the advanced Indian vehicles, none of the F1 cars run on bio-fuel, and cannot make use of the cattle excreta lying on the road. The technology to convert animal waste immediately into bio-fuel is very advanced, and we can only hope F1 catches up one day. Even with a name like ‘Redbull’, the team could not innovate much on this front. Untill then, we cannot let our precious cattle exercise their birth-right of gallivanting on our roads and providing us bio-fuel.

Hope our Indian authorities consider the above limitations of F1, and help in conducting a ‘smooth’ and hassle-free race.

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  1. Prasad permalink
    November 3, 2011 4:46 am

    disgrace to u for this shit blog

    • April 21, 2013 10:27 am

      Disgrace to you for this shit comment Prasad

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