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How to make Friends online – For Dummies.

April 14, 2010

Disclaimer: The following steps are to be followed at your own risk. Any complaints at a later date will not entertained. However, it requires considerable amount of experience to get the ropes of the game.

The internet is made by people. There is no internet without people. So, when there are loads of people, can ‘friendships’ be far away? No!

It’s become very very easy ‘to make friendships’ now, thanks to the various Social Networking clients.

Way back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, a phenomenon called ‘Chatting’ happened. The idea of talking to total strangers (preferably the opposite sex), and the new found freedom to express appealed to one and all. There were many services available for chatting, and the popular ones among them were ICQ, IRC, AIM etc.

But one product was the favourite in this part of the world. Yahoo. 99% of Indians (around the year 2000) created their first email ID using Yahoo. It was a trend which was catching up, and spread like wildfire. Having an email ID was a major fad back then, and immediately elevated you to the cooler echelons of the society.

So then. Here goes a step by step process to coolify yourself, and create a cool online persona of yourself.

Download Yahoo Messenger here.

After installing, you should get a window which looks like this,

With this done, we move to the next step. Creating a Yahoo! Id. Now, click on the ‘Get a new Yahoo! ID..’ link and follow the instructions.

Choose an attractive name like,


The exact ID may not be available, but you can always add your entire birthday, or your weight and make it an unique ID.

With this done, move on to the chat rooms.You are spoilt for choice here, and you may be confused as to which room you may want to show off your game in. But, worry not, you can always retrace your steps on the internet and start afresh if you screw up.

* The highlighted Chatroom is just a randomly generated suggestion.
Incidentally, it is also the most visited Chatroom.

Assuming you chose ‘Romance’, you are now given another set of options to choose from, like your orientation, etc. Make up your mind, and decide what you are, and what exactly you are looking for, and proceed further. Any error in judgment might result in you regretting this forever. Talk of an Idea changing your life forever.

Once you make the choice, and enter the chatroom, you might be initially overwhelmed by the number of people you see. This might lead to some anxiety, and some coldfeet.

According to previously available data, the most widely (and successfully) used method is,

I can only teach you the opening moves. You have to develop your own game, and adopt and improvise according to the situation. All the best.

Now that we are done with Yahoo!, lets move on to another phenomenon which literally changed the way people made friends.


Orkut was developed by Orkut Buyukkokten (not that you care), a Turkish software engineer, while at Google.

Now Orkut, as I said earlier, changed the social scene. People started to take part in a new social activity, which is hitherto known as,


More on that later. Lets get you started with Orkut now.

Click here.

And then,

* Clicking on that link is analogous to Neo taking the Red Pill in The Matrix.
Click on that, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

You may then follow the instructions, and decide upon an awesome sounding name as your display name (Avoid putting up your actual name as your display name, no one does on Orkut). Once you are done, you’ll get a welcome page, which will read something like,

* Choose an awesome Display Picture like in the illustration above. Also, filling in the status bar with mindblowingly
cool lines like above will increase opportunities.

Now that you have setup your Orkut profile, its time to send ‘Fraandsheep’ requests. Check out the most awesome looking girls (or guys, depending on your preference), and send them a ‘Fraandsheep’ request.

Sending a scrap along with the ‘Fraandsheep’ request is courtesy. Something like,

Hi. Please make Fraandsheep with me?

should do.

You must be surprised that no one on Orkut uses their actual name. Infact, a recent study showed that majority of the philosophical lines which have come up recently are all traced to Orkut. The Display names and the status bars is where you find the new age philosophers and thinkers of this world.

Anyway, after you are done adding some ‘fraandsheeps’ to your profile, this is how it should look,

* Try to retain some sense of humour in your profile. It gives a good first impression. Also use the letter ‘z’ excessively,
and avoid using vowels as much as you can.

Keep sending ‘fraandsheep’ requests to interesting people, and stay in touch with them using scraps. You can also join communities on Orkut and express yourself through them. I am sure you will love it.

Apart from Orkut, the other famous networking sites are Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook is a site where people do farming, make cakes, fight with mafia’s, get their horoscope read, check out who their ‘Fraand of the Day’ and ‘Lover of the Day’ is, and act surprised! Since sheeps are mostly found in farms, you may consider joining Facebook and look for more fraandsheeps.

Twitter is another place where you can make as many fraandsheeps as you want. You just need to follow a particular sheep, and you can make fraandsheep with them. Since twitter is all about following people, there is a herd mentality also, which sheeps are known to have.

I hope you have an awesome time making Friends and Fraandsheeps online.

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  1. Sid permalink
    April 14, 2010 10:47 pm

    antha pedha article?
    simple solution: 😛 😛

  2. April 15, 2010 5:54 am

    WTFery 😛 !! 😛 😛 😛 😛

    And no, I will not make ny fransheep with u! 😡 😉

  3. Srilatha permalink
    September 2, 2010 5:22 pm

    Lol…I love it….

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