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Made in India? No thanks.

January 3, 2010

India has never been this hep. An average urban Indian sports a nike, a ray-ban, and one of the many gizmo’s. Though this is a good sign that the buying power of Indians has increased, there is an interesting trend which can be observed. The ‘hep-value’ of a person is directly proportional to the number of ‘hep-product’ he/she uses. And sadly, none of the Indian products seem to make the cut in to that category.

Now, its definitely not anyone’s fault that they prefer a certain product over other. The reasons are far and many and too varied. But, why is it just not cool enough to wear ‘Action Shoes’ anymore dude? Why is it not cool to use a laptop of Indian make?

Like they say, India is a country of contrasts. On the other hand, a look into interior India would present a different image altogether. That India thrives on desi products and swears by its quality. There has never been a greater divide between these two India’s. While one India is fast, modern, glitzy the other India is laidback, low on development and dull. Amidst all this, anything ‘made-in-india’ is looked down upon by a vast majority of the other India, never mind even if their Versace or Gucci has a ‘made-in-india’ label on it.

Look at China, which takes great pride in its industrial progress and its growing economy. China, too, has the hep and the urban crowd which uses international products, but somehow, they are more receptive to their local products than us. They wouldn’t mind using the latest Shanzhai (chinese imitation goods) iPhone, or a 40inch LCD panel made by a chinese company. So why are we stuck with this impression that anything Indian is bad?

If we go down the timeline, this was not the case to be. Dyanora, Godrej printers, Premier Padmini ruled the roost before they were sidelined, if not replaced, by the hep products. Its a recent phenomenon. Again, another interesting aspect is, they dont mind using Indian brands for soaps, shampoo’s etc. So is it only for the flaunt value?

It has been widely acknowledged that the quality of Indian consumer goods are no less than their foreign counterparts, so why do we still prefer them? Maybe the Indian products are just not cool enough, indeed. Things are slowly changing now, with some aggressive marketing campaigns, backed up by good products and service. Its only a matter of time when ‘Action Shoes’ will be cool again.

While I write this on a Japanese laptop, while listening to music on a device which is ‘Made in China and Designed in California’ with the headphones ‘Made in Holland’, and take calls on a phone which is Made in Finland, I sincerely hope, the day when we take pride in using an Indian product is not far away.

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