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A point of credit.

January 1, 2010

With everybody, well almost, and their neighbour ranting about the ensuing drama regarding 3 idiots, here is another random thought thrown in.

Let me clarify a few things before I start bashing certain people in the post. I liked the movie, it was indulgent, funny, doesn’t take itself too seriously, entertaining. Raju Hirani is probably a modern day Manmohan Desai, who always gets it right and Aamir kind of  managed to pull off a role which was half his age. So there, no grouses against anyone!

When I saw the movie, I was looking for the ‘Based on’ credit in the beginning credit. I thought I missed the credit when I could not find it. Went on with the movie, liked most of it, cringed at some parts of it, came out of the theater liking what I saw.

A couple of days latter,I read a few articles mentioning that Chetan Bhagat was upset with the placement of his credit. Though he said he was “fine with the 3i credit” ,and also expressed his reservations initially, the sudden volt face made me think the guy is basically making hay while the sun shines, but later, after reading both sides of the story, realised Chetan Bhagat has a point.

And hence, I shall start bashing Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Aamir Khan and Raju Hirani.

To be honest, the only reason I saw 3 Idiots was Five Point Someone. I’d have seen the movie even if Himesh Reshamiyya, KRK and Zayed Khan starred in it, and Arindam Chaudhuri directed it, though for a few added reasons, but heck, I’d still watch it. Never been a fan of Aamir, liked his work in a few movies though. Did not see Munnabhai MBBS, and thought Lage Raho Munnabhai was very cliched and just plain watchable, maybe because I have issues with the bald man with a stick.

So, when I saw Aamir Khan talking away to glory claiming that the  writer of the movie, Abhijat Joshi, spent 3 years writing the script of 3 Idiots, first thing which I thought was – ”3 years, and all they could up was THIS?“. Further, Aamir claims that he did not read the book, and in the same sentence says that ”movie borrows very little from the book”. Ahem. He must shutup and stay out of it when the tiff is between the producer and the author. He maybe a good actor, but for me, he holds very little credibility, and never seemed like an honest person.

Raju Hirani, along with his writer Abhijat Joshi, must come clean on the issue. According to Hirani, only 5-6% of the book has been retained in the movie. Anyone who has read the book would disagree with that. Infact, the movie is only about 20-30% different from the book.

And then we have Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The man who said Mission Kashmir was a blockbuster. The man who said Eklavya deserved an Oscar. The man who said various other things. At a press conference, when a journo pointed out that the movie was indeed a lot like the book, VVC asked the journo if he had read the book, to which the journo replied in the negative. VVC thus asks the journo to ”shut up”. I wonder if he is aware that a certain Mr Aamir Khan has been making similar uninformed statements without reading the book.

People may argue, that a rolling credit has been given to Chetan Bhagat, he has been paid his royalties, then what is he complaining about?  Well, he simply deserves a better acknowledgment because the story is his, the idea is his. Instead, someone else has been credited for the story. Vikas Swarup has been credited conspicuously for Slumdog Millionaire, to the extent that Simon Beaufoy thanked Vikas Swarup even while receiving the Oscar’s. And to think that SDM was very different from the book, QnA. That is how Hollywood works, professional and fair. And this is how Bollywood works. Well, schlocky.

In my book, VVC and his cronies,with inflated ego’s are at fault. They owe a public apology to Chetan Bhagat, and if possible, take corrective measures.

P.S1: Five Point Someone remains the only book of Chetan Bhagat which I liked.Never been a fan of his writing.

P.S2: The Agreement between Chetan Bhagat and VVC.

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  1. Harkamal Singh permalink
    January 2, 2010 10:22 am

    EXACTLY! SAME THOUGHTS HERE! Personally, I am more of a Anti-Aamir and Anti-Gandhi kinda guy. When I first heard about Five Point Someone being adapted, I was all excited and hyper to watch the movie. I am sure, like you and me, everyone who read FPS didn’t really care about the cast and that number is in millions. So Chetan Bhagat deserves a huge share of credit in the success of the movie.

    Great post dude. A neutral opinion.

  2. likwid permalink*
    January 2, 2010 10:27 am

    Thanks mate! 🙂

    More than anything else, it is their attitude which is appalling! Hope better sense prevails.

  3. Vishnu Boorla permalink
    January 2, 2010 11:55 am

    Very well sumarized. Though I didnt see the movie because it was an adaptation of FPS, but once I saw it, I realized it was. In fact did think later on how come no credit to Chetan. Well what ever was there it was not visible (i missed the ending credits). I think Vidhu has been shoddy, he is making the money now that the movie is big hit. He has to show some dignity and should give it to chetan for the story. All the story about working for 3 years on the script is bollocks. btw, the only book I liked from chetan to some extent was FPS and by no means am i fan of his either.


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