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MSC Returns.

December 24, 2009

Just when I thought all was well with the world,Michael Schumacher announces His return to Formula 1, but not in the scarlet jumpsuit. He has decided that He would make a comeback with Mercedes-Brawn. Agreed, that Ross Brawn is among the most successful people involved with the sport,  and also, his partnership with the King has always been splendid.

Many people argue that MSC doesn’t have anything to lose, and He would still be a force to reckon with on the track. But only time would tell if any of these optimistic prophecies come true. I have always been a great admirer of the man, His discipline, His passion and His commitment towards the sport. But, for me, F1 also meant Ferrari. A team which every motorsport driver dreams of representing.  And the magic combination of Ferrari and MSC, well, to put it modestly, has been hugely successful.

The sport was never the same after 2006, when MSC announced his retirement.  And the sport would be divided into two era’s, Before MSC and After MSC. That was the impact which He has on the sport. It was truly and end of an era when he announced his retirement. But now, 3 years ‘After MSC’, the prospect of seeing Him in the cockpit is indeed exciting, but also scary. Exciting, because of all the obvious reason. Scary, again, for of all the obvious reasons.

I cannot watch MSC on the track as an underdog. I don’t want MSC winning a race, or the championship to be billed as a miracle.  I cannot see Him race, and not be the champion again. I do not want Him to be compared with Niki Lauda or Nigel Mansell or Juan Fangio. I do not want Him to race!

But heck, I will watch Him race. After all, I am just one among the million spectators who is waiting be awed, all over, once again.

Welcome back, MSC!

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  1. Praveen permalink
    December 26, 2009 3:52 pm

    I have been watching MSC drive from 95 till say 2003 after which I kinda lost interest due to his single handed domination of all the circuits on the season..What I do today draws some inspiration from watching Schumi when I was grwin up as a child..
    Today I am sure I will start watching F1 again…Schumi is back…Frm my point of view, he is an engineers dream…all the small tweaks u make to a car can be exploited by only one man — The God MSC !!!!

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